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We will list job announcements for positions related to environmental toxicology and chemistry that are within the PNW-SETAC's geographic boundaries or otherwise deemed appropriate by the PNW-SETAC Board.  Resumes of PNW-SETAC members looking for employment will also be posted on request.

We reserve the right to remove announcements that appear out-of-date or for other reasons as deemed appropriate. Please Contact Us if you have or know of a job posting that would be of interest to our members or would like to post your resume.  Please send the files as pdf versions so that formatting will not be altered when opened in a browser.

Current job postings and resumes of PNW SETAC members looking for employment will be posted with the most recent listed first.  When sending a resume, please list the type of position for which you are looking and the location(s) in which you are willing to accept a position.

Job Announcements

The University of Washington-Tacoma is seeking an Assistant Professor in Ecotoxicology in the Division of Sciences and Mathematics within the School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (SIAS).  The successful candidate will be an excellent instructor and to actively seek extramural support to develop and maintain a strong research program involving undergraduate students. 

Alaska Observers, Inc have openings for biologists to work as Fisheries Observers for the North Pacific (Alaska) ama Trawl Catch Shares (west coast) programs in 2019. Trainings for the North Pacific jobs begin December 26, 2018 and in February 2019 for the Trawl Catch Shares jobs. Additionally, they will continue to hire and deploy observers to the North Pacific during the summer of 2019. Recent graduates looking to work in field biology positions are encouraged to visit their website and use the Fisheries Observers online form to apply. 

Feedback from former students is that it's a great opportunity to be on the ocean, experiencing the elements, meeting people, and visiting places along the west coast and Alaska they never would have visited on their own. The adventures and participating in field research is great, but the work can be demanding and onboard space is relatively cramped.

The Washington state Department of Ecology (Ecology) is recruiting to fill a the following four positions at their Lacey, WA facility. Please click on the job title to link to the job announcement and learn how to apply.

Water Quality Planner/Project Manager IV

Seattle, WA

Water Quality Standards Toxicologist (Toxicologist 2)

Lacey, WA

Reducing Toxic Threats Unit Supervisor (WMS Band 1)

Lacey, WA

Padilla Bay NERR Research Coordinator
Mt. Vernon, WA

Sediment Cleanup Specialist (Natural Resource Scientist 3)

Lacey, WA

Ecology maintains a website with all of its current job openings that might be of interest to students, as well as established career toxicologists. Be sure to check it out and other agencies/companies for their job listings. Remember, it takes work to find work!


Thinking of going for an advance degree in the field of toxicology? Check out the excellent listing of academic and postdoctoral programs throughout the United States specializing in toxicology that has been compiled by the Society of Toxicology (SOT) and available on their Education webpage. The institutions are listed alphabetically and include contact information, degrees offered, and program specializations (metal toxicity, carcinogenesis, neurotoxicity, risk assessment, etc).

Job Announcement Documents

EcoAnalysts EcoToxicology Laboratory Technician 2019 (pdf)


University of Washington Assistant Professor in Ecotoxicology (pdf)